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What do I want?

With everything going on in the world I return to the same questions. Is what I am doing and sharing on social media even relevant? Is it necessary? Is it important? And the big one – What do I want? My answer for this is simple, for everyone to be cosy, content and safe, in […]


Art Collaborations

It is very humbling that you find my photos inspiring and would like to use them as your art inspiration. I love this kind of collaboration and value you asking me for permission first. You see for me the friendships that form and connections made are part of the gold dust that make collaborations so […]


About last Friday

From the journal. Friday 23rd September 2022. You know when you have one of those weeks where it feels like you have been chasing your tail? This week has felt like that for me! But after looking back, I soon realise that this is one of those weeks where I will see the results of […]


Five things about Fairy Wren Cottage.

Five things about Fairy Wren Cottage that you may not know. 1. When we bought the cottage there was shag-pile carpet in the kitchen and toilet. 2. There was no hot water service as such, just a large bucket like contraption on the roof that collected rain water and somehow heated up – not really […]


Five things you may not know about me.

Five things you may not know. 1. All the photos I share are taken here at Fairy Wren Cottage by me. 2. I am a self taught photographer. Michael is a trained photographer and in the past has sold his work at Salamanca Market, Evandale Market and galleries in Tasmania. Every now and again I […]


Mid Winter

It feels like we have had the wind knocked out of our sails. Not testing positive for anything, and grateful, that what we have had has been just that and nothing more. My heart, as always, goes out to everyone who has been effected far worse. The cottage is cosy, we have healthy food to […]


What keeps me motivated.

  I came across a question I was asked when I did a Q & A on Instagram awhile back. Question: How do you keep yourself motivated? Answer: I take great pleasure in proving the doubters wrong! My injury is very limiting. When I can do things it is all action stations. And having periods […]


Flooding & Food Growing.

It’s 4am Sunday morning and I have been lying in bed for the last hour and a half thinking about the 2 metres (yes, 2 metres) of rainfall parts of Australia have had since January. The very same areas that are experiencing that amount of rainfall also experienced the devastating bush fires a couple of […]


Birthdays at Fairy Wren Cottage.

Michael and I decided before Liliana was born that we wanted to make sure we celebrated family birthdays together. Three things really influenced my decision. The first was hearing about Michael’s sister and brother in-law always taking the day off work to celebrate each others birthdays and their daughters birthdays. Hi Ezra if you are […]