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This week I’ve been thinking about.

What trees I would like to plant to fill in any gaps. It was a needs must situation where we took out an apple tree a couple of weeks ago and I would like to replace it with a Jan/Feb fruiting apple tree. The Interview Series I created last year. I reached out to a […]


Autumn Whispers.

I have been noticing the slightest, earliest shifts, as summer continues on but signs of Autumn start to gently flow through. It’s the way the flushes of growth have slowed down. Like the plant growth has plateaud and the plants are savoury these moments, the warmth of the sun. Does that make sense? Herbs are […]


Observe. Evaluate. Change when necessary.

  Oh gosh this growing season is throwing some curve balls, how is it at your place? The pumpkins, zucchinis and cucumbers are slow slow slow. They just aren’t growing, usually we would have a freezer full of Golden Nugget Pumpkins by now, instead we have one flower on one plant! After I finish writing […]


Older Hens.

Darling Plum and Viola joined me late yesterday afternoon on the garden bench. The rest of the flock at my feet, napping. They are the elders in the flock now, which seems quite surreal. It wasn’t long ago that they were the youngest being cared for by the older hens. Taught how to forage, free […]


In the Garden.

Hello! It is lovely that you are here. I sat in the garden this afternoon. Quietly. Watching. Listening. It is one of my favourite things to do. Bluebell raced around tossing a fallen apple into the air and catching it. Then she sat in front of me ever so focused, like a sailor on a […]


Tips for buying poultry.

Lil and I were having a bit of a giggle on the weekend, we were reminiscing about the dodgy poultry breeders and sellers we have come across. I guess enough time has passed to find it partly amusing because at the time it was not easy and disappointing to say the least, we certainly learnt […]


The definition of Homesteading.

Late November 2022. It’s Monday and a week of possibilities lies ahead. The weekend was full of little jobs that I hadn’t exactly planned, it was a case of focus on what I can do. On Sunday Michael and I got some big gardening jobs accomplished,  shifting plants around and making better use of garden […]


A favourite quote.

Do small things with much L O V E. This little quote has become a daily mantra. Everything I do, whether it is folding the tea towels, washing the dishes, pulling the curtains back at the start of the day. These small everyday tasks become meaningful, because I can do them with a grateful heart, with […]


Honeybee & Plum, a friendship.

Did you know that hens and ducks have friendships? In our Henhouse Plum is friends with everyone but, just like us humans, she does have best friends. Honeybee and Plum are besties! While they are usually in different areas, there is a fence that separates them and they can see each other. This is necessary […]