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The definition of Homesteading.

Late November 2022. It’s Monday and a week of possibilities lies ahead. The weekend was full of little jobs that I hadn’t exactly planned, it was a case of focus on what I can do. On Sunday Michael and I got some big gardening jobs accomplished,  shifting plants around and making better use of garden […]


A favourite quote.

Do small things with much L O V E. This little quote has become a daily mantra. Everything I do, whether it is folding the tea towels, washing the dishes, pulling the curtains back at the start of the day. These small everyday tasks become meaningful, because I can do them with a grateful heart, with […]


Honeybee & Plum, a friendship.

Did you know that hens and ducks have friendships? In our Henhouse Plum is friends with everyone but, just like us humans, she does have best friends. Honeybee and Plum are besties! While they are usually in different areas, there is a fence that separates them and they can see each other. This is necessary […]


How to read my ebooks.

I was contacted this week by Mrs V, she reads my ebooks at the library and would like a copy to read at home, she isn’t able to download the free ebooks to her home computer and asked if I could put them on a USB stick for her. Unfortunately that isn’t possible, I don’t […]


30 Sept 2019. From the Garden Journal.

30 September 2019 From the journal. Here at Fairy Wren Cottage those really hot Summer days begin February through to March.  While some gardeners in warmer climates are already well and truly harvesting fruits & veg our cooler climate slows the garden right down in comparison. But still there is so much to do and pick. We already […]


5 things about the garden at Fairy Wren Cottage.

Five things you may not know about Fairy Wren Cottage. 1. The property was originally called Valley View. We changed it to Fairy Wren Cottage for a few reasons.  One reason was a new housing development went in behind our previous home and the estate was called Valley View. The name Valley View reminded us […]


Summer 2022.

From my journal: 28 February 2022. Would you like a glimpse into my walk around the garden this morning? Waking up to misty rain was a lovely change. It has been so so dry here, such a contrast to other parts of Australia that are experiencing flooding and day after day of rain. My thoughts […]


Autumn in the garden.

From my journal. It is early Autumn at Fairy Wren Cottage. 21 March 2021. Would you like to take a walk around the garden with me? There are tadpoles in the bird baths that are on the ground nestled in amongst the foliage and it is wonderful to see so many little frogs sunning themselves […]


14 December 2021. Pottering.

From my journal. 14th December 2021. ~ Pottering ~ Pottering may just be my word for the summer months. I’m looking forward to tending the garden, moving forward with some garden plans and maintaining what is already growing. I let go of the ‘grow everything goal’ a very very long time ago, it was such […]