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Journal: 20 February 2024.

Hello, I’m looking forward to being more present on social media, both on Instagram and this Blog Journal. To reactivate Instagram I’ve got a collection of posts and a giveaway for you. So please check in here and on Instagram @fairywrencottage if I don’t appear in your Instagram feed. My monthly newsletter called Fairy Wren […]


A Quince and garden update.

  Hello! We’re in the middle of a hot couple of days but gosh, other than these hot couple of days it does feel like the gentlest Autumn whispers are starting to thread there ways through our days. Harvests are two to three weeks earlier than usual. The nights are a little cooler, the morning […]


A morning in the garden.

I was out in the garden super early this morning, watering, watering watering. We’ve been having these awfully windy days here. With so much soft fruit, leafy veg and herbs nearly ready for harvesting  the wind does so much damage to it all. I spray the pumpkin and zucchini leaves to, as well as giving […]


January 2024. Newsletter.

Hello, it’s Monday morning 5:02am as I start to write this. I can hear the wind in the trees and the day slowly starting to wake up. Roosters in the distance, the rustle of leaves on the ground as pademelon’s move around the garden. Plovers make their distinct call. I’ve learnt to see the start […]


Journal: Sweet Peas. 19.01.2024

Hello and a warm welcome back to Fairy Wren Cottage for 2024. I’m wishing you a peaceful and content year ahead. I stepped away a bit for awhile, you know when you need to sit in the garden and listen and observe and the answers come? My heart felt like it needed to be very […]


The annual hay delivery.

It’s early this year, the hay season. Usually we would be getting our annual delivery after Christmas. The hay was baled and meant to be delivered early December but circumstances changed, and the farmer was racing to finish before the forecasted rain. It is never an issue when these plans change, what matters is supporting […]


Fairy Wren Cottage is our family home.

Just to remind everyone that Fairy Wren Cottage, where we live, is not an Air bnb, holiday cottage or open garden. I am aware that there are some other cottages that offer those services who are also called Fairy Wren Cottage. We don’t have any communication or affiliation with them. Although we do like their name! […]


Journal: In the Garden.

In the garden this morning. 14th September 2023. Note to self, start remembering to take a colander outside again to collect herbs. And Honeybee will snuffle through everything you have gathered if given the chance. Colander on fence post out of Honeybee’s way. Yes, I did throw out everything Honeybee touched. Herbs tucked into my […]


Journal. French Pear blossom.

The Beaure de Anjou pear tree is full of blossom. Planted 12 years ago, the bees love it at this time of year. 18th September 2023. In our Kitchen Garden. Much Love, Jude x