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Journal: 3 May 2024.

Hello, Well, I totally didn’t mean to be away for this long. Here’s a little snap of Autumn so far. Our first frost. Racing to finish painting the cottage and installing some new weatherboards – that job is long overdue. Some inside painting and installing dado boards. Harvesting. Preserving. Starting the woodheater for the first […]


Our new raised garden beds.

We have been adding some raised garden beds to the Kitchen Garden. Like so many we are looking at different ways to increase our vegetable growing space. Michael made the raised garden beds from rough sawn Tasmanian Oak, we don’t stain or “treat” them with anything. They generally last about ten years, and when no […]


Book Recommendations.

Each summer I read the same three books by rosarian Susan Irvine. Packed full of gardening information, meticulous notes, a Tasmanian heritage restoration. Photography by Simon Griffiths. Have you read them? Because I am in the south and Forest Hall is in the northern part of the island I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to […]


Giveaway: Sweet Pea Wallpapers.

Sweet Pea Wallpaper Giveaway: Like so many of us I adore sweet peas. Here is my gift to you. Your own set of sweet pea wallpapers. Little sweet pea seeds planted and grown with love in the garden here at Fairy Wren Cottage, with Honeybee the duck helping me water them each day, photographed with […]


Journal: 20 February 2024.

Hello, I’m looking forward to being more present on social media, both on Instagram and this Blog Journal. To reactivate Instagram I’ve got a collection of posts and a giveaway for you. So please check in here and on Instagram @fairywrencottage if I don’t appear in your Instagram feed. My monthly newsletter called Fairy Wren […]


A Quince and garden update.

  Hello! We’re in the middle of a hot couple of days but gosh, other than these hot couple of days it does feel like the gentlest Autumn whispers are starting to thread there ways through our days. Harvests are two to three weeks earlier than usual. The nights are a little cooler, the morning […]


A morning in the garden.

I was out in the garden super early this morning, watering, watering watering. We’ve been having these awfully windy days here. With so much soft fruit, leafy veg and herbs nearly ready for harvesting  the wind does so much damage to it all. I spray the pumpkin and zucchini leaves to, as well as giving […]


January 2024. Newsletter.

Hello, it’s Monday morning 5:02am as I start to write this. I can hear the wind in the trees and the day slowly starting to wake up. Roosters in the distance, the rustle of leaves on the ground as pademelon’s move around the garden. Plovers make their distinct call. I’ve learnt to see the start […]


Journal: Sweet Peas. 19.01.2024

Hello and a warm welcome back to Fairy Wren Cottage for 2024. I’m wishing you a peaceful and content year ahead. I stepped away a bit for awhile, you know when you need to sit in the garden and listen and observe and the answers come? My heart felt like it needed to be very […]