If someone offers you free fruit or gives you permission to forage on their land, treat that as a valuable exchange.

Do something in return for that exchange.

This is how respectful friendships form, especially in rural communities if you are a new comer to a rural area or town.


It’s become an old school concept but I hope this way of treating people and each other returns more and more.


Likewise if someone offers to give you something and you agree on a time and a place, don’t stand them up, it’s rude and disrespectful. Their time is just as important and valuable as yours. With everyone having mobile phones, a quick text to say you can’t make it will be so appreciated and understood.


Taking each other into account, respecting each others time, wanting the best for each other, this is how strong relationships are made.


Until next time,

Jude x


May 12, 2023



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