A recipe:

How to make Hothouse Hand Pies.

Before you go to the hothouse get your frozen puff pastry out of the freezer put pastry sheets in a single layer and cover with a clean tea towel.
In the Hothouse fill a colander with leafy greans, beans, spring onions and herbs as you weed and remove any scrappy leaves, put them in a bucket to take to the hens, ducks, quail or compost heap.

Back inside wash the contents of your colander and pat dry. Chop everything up.
Place them in a big bowl.

Add cheese or grains if you eat them. Eg. Ricotta, feta, brown rice, wholemeal cous cous or cooked quinoa.
Check your fridge if there is anything else you can add. Eg. Left over roast veg

Add salt and pepper to taste.
Use a bread and butter plate to cut circles out of the pastry.

Fill half the circle of pastry with your filling. Fold in half. Crimp the edges.
Place on a baking tray.
Brush milk on the top of the pies. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Bake 180 degrees Celsius until golden brown.

We had ours today for lunch with some homemade Cashew and Beetroot dip and some cannellini hommus that Lil made on the weekend.

Until next time,

Jude x


Hothouse Hand Pies.

May 8, 2023



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