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Fairy Wren Cottage blog is a journal of sorts about seasonal living & stopping to see the beauty in our day.
I believe in the power of paying forward what others have generously shared with me over the years. This is my offering.
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5 Batch Cooking Tips.

I’ve just finished making a large saucepan of dahl that will feed us the equivalent of four meals, we’ll scatter some chopped greens from the garden on top  just before serving it alongside some homemade flatbread and organic brown rice. The pasta sauce will be the equivalent of three meals, for one of those meals […]


Homeschooling #6 TED talk

Like anything in life there are different ways to approach something and educating our children is no different. For a family at the beginning of their homeschooling journey it can seem a bit overwhelming and daunting as to know where to start. For us it started with me researching extensively, that’s ok, it was a […]


Homeschooling #5 Learning

There are four previous posts I have shared about our Homeschooling journey, you can read them in the Homeschooling section. This is our last year of homeschooling our daughter Liliana, from the 2nd day of Prep through her high school years to year 12 (now) plus she is in the 2nd year of her University […]


Favourite Mantras & Quotes No.1

The Albertine Rose and Potato Vine put on a show this Spring like no other season before, they were stunning. To celebrate their beauty I’ve chosen a small selection of quotes and daily mantras and created some graphics to  share. The 1st quote comes from a day when it felt like I was walking through […]


Christmas time!

Are you sick of the song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” yet? or People using the caption “Learn how to make the perfect Christmas wreath, table setting or decorate the perfect tree”??? I maybe nearly at my limit with people trying to sell the “perfect Christmas” …. what is perfect anyway? So […]


Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards

I’m looking forward to sending  Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards (the 1st postcard was sent out last night to everyone who subscribes to the ebooks)  and I’m very grateful for the lovely messages of encouragement for this new series.  Some details if you didn’t receive a postcard. What is a Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard? I could […]


Late Spring.

  Only weeks away from the calendar marking the first days of summer, I can see the signs already of the warmer months arriving when I look out to the hills and mountains, the grass in the paddocks is past its Spring flush and the warmer weather is noticeable at watering time with the ground […]


Growing Heritage Fruit Trees. Part I.

Since posting the photo of the apple blossom from the heritage apple tree varieties we grow,  I have had some questions about what to plant & where to get trees from. As you can imagine I have lots to say about all of this and happy to talk about it more, plus point you in […]


Bird Watching.

When we first shifted to Fairy Wren Cottage there were four types of birds that visited the garden… because over the last 11 years we have created and are continuing to maintain a bird friendly and wildlife friendly garden, we now have over 60 birds visiting or living in our garden. The increase in bird […]


Garden Postcards: Magnolias

  Dear Lovely Reader, I have included the Magnolia story I shared on my Instagram page in with my Garden Postcard Series. Enjoy xxx A Sunday night Springtime tale about a magnificent flowering Magnolia. Once upon a time Fairy Wren Cottage was owned by a lovely eccentric man for thirty years, he didn’t like flowers […]