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Fabric & Sewing

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Fairy Wren Cottage blog is a journal of sorts about seasonal living & stopping to see the beauty in our day.
Your time is precious, it's the greatest gift we can give ourselves & it's humbling that you would  take time out of your day to visit.

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Don’t ask me to dinner…

Don’t ask me to dinner, I will probably say no. Not because I don’t want to or don’t enjoy your company. It is because by the end of each day Michael or Lil has to cut up my evening meal for me. My hand injury from nearly 7 years ago is tiring, I have pretty […]


Honeybee the duckling.

To celebrate all things Honeybee there are some photos of this sweet darling  you are welcome to use as screen shots or wallpaper over  on my instagram story highlights. For personal use only please. I’ll keep the photo’s permanently in an Instagram Story Highlight called Wallpaper for you and add to it from time to […]


When you look up…

You know when you look up and catch yourself seeing your surrounds through fresh eyes? Reminding you of where you are  meant to be…And it will be different for all of us. I had that feeling when I looked  up from folding the tea towels & hand made dish clothes at the kitchen table this […]


Grooming our Pups. Part I.

Caring for a dog that needs regular grooming is a big long term commitment financially if you don’t do it yourself. Over the years we have taken Molly & Ebb to different dog groomers, for the first 7 years of their lives I was able to do the dog grooming before my hand injury restricted […]


Home Schooling. Teenage Years.

Lil is 16 now and I have collated a short list of books, podcasts and ted talks that we have found very informative during her teenage years so far. Throughout Lil’s  baby stage, childhood and teenage years I have been reading different books about child development, listened to podcasts, reading blogs and watched ted talks […]


Climate Change.

I believe in Climate Change. There is too much scientific evidence and too much physical evidence world wide to not doubt it. Climate Change can sometimes feel like the new big sensationalised thing and with that comes the so called self appointed experts on either side of the fence with no real foundations for their […]


Quince Blossom.

Yes! If I am really honest… One of the main reasons we planted a small  Quince Orchard is because quince blossom is sooooo beautiful! And at this time of year on warm Spring days the Quince Orchard smells like…well… the sweetest fragrant quince fruit! Last year we left less than twenty quince fruit to mature […]


Home Schooling. Learning.

When I was a little girl the local library was a lovely place to be but also a bit scary! The librarian was very crabby, there was absolutely no talking, she had very strict rules and I wouldn’t be surprised even if most of the men in the district were as scared of her as […]


Home Schooling. Morning Routine.

Until Lil was 12years old we followed a morning routine before our  home schooling day started  that really worked for us. (Since Lil’s injury the routine has changed.) From age 6 to 12 Lil  learnt some great life lessons about time management by following a predictable morning routine. Showing up, being on time, time management, […]


Home Schooling.

From time to time I will be sharing snippets of our Home Schooling life. When we started my friend who was home schooling really helped me put some things into perspective and  there was one  blog*  in particular  that I found so helpful. I would like to pay forward the  knowledge that I have gained […]