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Fairy Wren Cottage blog is a journal of sorts about seasonal living & stopping to see the beauty in our day.
Your time is precious, it's the greatest gift we can give ourselves & it's humbling that you would  take time out of your day to visit.

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A letter to a Gardening Mentor.

  You see some days are just down right memorable aren’t they?! Two of those days spaced a year apart were when our neighbour Danny generously helped me prune our fruit trees. He had quietly watched us plant our little Back Orchard with heritage peach, apple, cherry, pear, crab apple, apricot & nectarine trees and […]



You see that basket isn’t just a basket full of apples, it means so much more than that. That basket represents a friendship based on trust, respect, valuing each other and valuing the homegrown produce that we share. You can’t put a price on that nor can it be taken for granted. The baskets of […]


Bay Leaves.

It was a shock the first time I saw healthy, spray free Bay Leaves and compared them to the pale dried out leaves in those little packets at the supermarket that cost $$$.  After visiting a garden not far from here and realising the huge 4 x 3m tree in the front garden was a […]


Pretty & Practical Linen serviettes.

Can you see that linen serviette/napkin underneath the flowers? I get so many questions about them. Unfortunately I haven’t made or embroidered any of them but they do have so many handy uses in our home as well as being used for a napkin or serviette. I first started buying linen or cotton serviettes from […]


It’s the simple things….

When I was a  little girl there was a time when I would often forget to make my bed. I think it was my way of rebelling! But one day we were visiting my beautiful Great Aunty Jean who lived in the city and my mother mentioned my bed making rebellion! My darling Aunty who […]


Benefits of knowing your flock

It is so exciting when chicks or new members of your flock finally arrive and even more so the very  first time you bring your first flock home or they hatch in the incubator or under Mama Hen. There is nothing like those early days of learning hands on even though there has been so […]


Hens who won’t go to bed…

If you have new members in your flock or are establishing a new flock with chicks that have gone straight from the incubator to the brooder box then ready for a bigger outside pen an easy way to train them to go into their pen at night is simply with food. Follow these simple steps […]


Berry Jam Drops

  Is there anything better than a jam drop bikkie with a nice cup of tea?! Use frozen berries instead, it’s a little different to the always delicious jam drop  that needs about 1/2 teaspoon of jam per biscuit. Healthier, less sugar means less sugar high. Have your little kitchen helper put the berries on […]


A gentle reminder its Wasp Season!

When you go to pick fruit check both sides of the fruit for wasps before picking. Mid February  to mid March is wasp season here at Fairy Wren Cottage. When is it at your place ? Mark it on the calendar as a reminder for next year. It is easy to forget since these things […]


Do Small Things with Much Love

Do Small Things with Much Love. Daily Mantra. We are slowly returning to lovely ordinary days, windows wide open, going outside when we like, checking on the ducks, chooks and guinea pigs through out the day, looking to see if fruit is ripening on the trees, gathering a small bunch of herbs as we walk […]