Homesteading, regenerative gardening, living our life guided by the seasons. If we lived close by, these are some of the things we would probably talk about over a cup of tea and cake. The books are a gentle read, made with love and made to be shared.
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1. Nest.
Looking for the Light during the Colder Months.
Ways I've learnt to make the most of the colder weather.
2. Quiet Moments.
Stopping to see the beauty in our day.
A positive offering to the world, one of peace and kindness.
3. Garden Postcards.
Think of it as looking through a box of vintage postcards that I have sent you from our garden here at Fairy Wren Cottage.
4. Quinces.
Planting & caring for our Quince Orchard, recipes, keeping poultry in the orchard, how to encourage bees & lots more. 
5. Preserving the Harvest.
Jam, chutney, pickles, sauce, preserving the seasonal harvest. Sharing my tips & tricks to making small manageable batches when you are restricted by time, illness or injury.
6. Homeschooling.
A collection of blog articles by Jude Van Heel. 13 years Homeschooling experience from Prep-Year 12.
Introduction by Liliana Van Heel, DipFamilyHistory.
7. Food Hedges.
Growing your own hedgerows to forage and harvest.
 8. The Fairy Wren Cottage Community. Greener Alternatives Book.
168 inspiring contributions from the Fairy Wren Cottage Instagram Community 
 for making #greeneralternatives in your home & garden.
9. The Fairy Wren Cottage Community. Food Gardening Ideas ebook.
65 food gardening ideas plus a Q & A section to help you grow beautiful healthy food.
Enjoy, Jude x


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