I'm in the process of writing a small collection of free ebooks.
All focused around life here at Fairy Wren Cottage,
The 1st ebook is called Preserving the Harvest is available now.
When I was a little girl I helped in the family kitchen on preserving days. Now as an adult I am passing on those life skills to our Miss Lil and hopefully to you too!
The 2nd ebook is called Quinces. Planting & caring for our Quince Orchard, recipes, keeping poultry in the orchard, how to encourage bees & lots more. It is available now.
The 3rd ebook is called Nest at Fairy Wren Cottage. Looking for the Light during the Colder Months.  Hopefully I will be sharing it mid June.
 You will need to subscribe in order to get the free ebooks sent to you. I don't send newsletters but you will be the 1st to receive new free ebooks Truely, I am humbled that you are here & read my words. 
Enjoy, Jude x

My Free Ebooks