I'm in the process of writing a small collection of free ebooks, they are focused around life here at Fairy Wren Cottage & available now.
1. Preserving the Harvest.
When I was a little girl I helped in the family kitchen on preserving days. Now as an adult I am passing on those life skills to our Miss Lil and hopefully to you too!
2. Quinces.
Planting & caring for our Quince Orchard, recipes, keeping poultry in the orchard, how to encourage bees & lots more. 
3. Nest.
Looking for the Light during the Colder Months.  
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4. The Fairy Wren Cottage Community. Greener Alternatives Book.
168 motivating ideas for your home & garden #greeneralternatives
They are made with love & made to be shared! 
Enjoy, Jude x

My Free Ebooks

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