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Journal: 20 February 2024.

Hello, I’m looking forward to being more present on social media, both on Instagram and this Blog Journal. To reactivate Instagram I’ve got a collection of posts and a giveaway for you. So please check in here and on Instagram @fairywrencottage if I don’t appear in your Instagram feed. My monthly newsletter called Fairy Wren […]


The annual hay delivery.

It’s early this year, the hay season. Usually we would be getting our annual delivery after Christmas. The hay was baled and meant to be delivered early December but circumstances changed, and the farmer was racing to finish before the forecasted rain. It is never an issue when these plans change, what matters is supporting […]


Fairy Wren Cottage is our family home.

Just to remind everyone that Fairy Wren Cottage, where we live, is not an Air bnb, holiday cottage or open garden. I am aware that there are some other cottages that offer those services who are also called Fairy Wren Cottage. We don’t have any communication or affiliation with them. Although we do like their name! […]


Hen Keeping.

  We were ready to pick up some chicks from a poultry breeder recently. Checking in weekly to see if the chicks were in good health and to see when they would be ready to join us. It gave us time to learn a little about how the person who bred the chickens, always lovely […]


A moment in the day.

A moment in the day. A late afternoon walk on this cold winters day to see the ducks in the Back Orchard. Esmeralda, Ferdinand and Isabella. Our elderly Indian Runner ducks. Head of pest control, their dirty bath water is emptied at least once a day and adds so much fertility for the fruit trees. […]


Garden Journal. 12. 9. 2019.

~ 12 September 2019 ~ I was up in the Back Orchard tonight, just having a general look around. Looking for wind damage after last nights storm and gale force winds. Checking on the health of the five hens who call it home and as well as enjoying the hens company I couldn’t help but […]


13 May 2023. A moment in the day.

Marigold the Buff Pekin hen. Stopping in the middle of the garden path to greet me. My little garden companion. My goal is to post a photo each day in May. A moment captured during the day, calming, peaceful, that captures my heart. Uplifting, something positive as we move into the colder months in the […]


12 May 2023. A moment in the day.

Early evening and a last minute walk with Honeybee. I do miss her if I don’t spend time with our darling duck during the day. I hope you are enjoying my daily series – A moment in the day. My goal is to post a photo each day in May. A moment captured during the […]


Q & A. Six tips to consider when designing a Henhouse.

Question: What would you say is the most important consideration when designing a chook/henhouse? Answer: 1. So many design considerations compliment each other and if one isn’t right it effects the outcome poorly. 2 .Airflow and ventilation is at the top of my list. Followed by orientation. Where you site your henhouse. eg. In the […]