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The case of the missing string. Part II.

Well, they are at it again and we really do need to up our game. The birds have been busy untying our double knots and 2 metre long lengths of string. That photo should look like three tee pees supporting Autumn Raspberry canes in a garden bed . We’ll take this opportunity to replace any […]


Older Hens.

Darling Plum and Viola joined me late yesterday afternoon on the garden bench. The rest of the flock at my feet, napping. They are the elders in the flock now, which seems quite surreal. It wasn’t long ago that they were the youngest being cared for by the older hens. Taught how to forage, free […]


Hen House changes.

We are caring for a smaller flock of hens now, nine in total. There are a few factors involved with this decision: 1. We are eating less eggs. 2. We rehomed some of our larger birds and some of our older hens and rooster have passed away, it was a conscious decision not to replace […]


Tips for buying poultry.

Lil and I were having a bit of a giggle on the weekend, we were reminiscing about the dodgy poultry breeders and sellers we have come across. I guess enough time has passed to find it partly amusing because at the time it was not easy and disappointing to say the least, we certainly learnt […]


A favourite quote.

Do small things with much L O V E. This little quote has become a daily mantra. Everything I do, whether it is folding the tea towels, washing the dishes, pulling the curtains back at the start of the day. These small everyday tasks become meaningful, because I can do them with a grateful heart, with […]


Honeybee & Plum, a friendship.

Did you know that hens and ducks have friendships? In our Henhouse Plum is friends with everyone but, just like us humans, she does have best friends. Honeybee and Plum are besties! While they are usually in different areas, there is a fence that separates them and they can see each other. This is necessary […]


30 Sept 2019. From the Garden Journal.

30 September 2019 From the journal. Here at Fairy Wren Cottage those really hot Summer days begin February through to March.  While some gardeners in warmer climates are already well and truly harvesting fruits & veg our cooler climate slows the garden right down in comparison. But still there is so much to do and pick. We already […]


Poultry Recommendations.

Tasmanian Libraries now have a marvellous online catalogue of magazines and while reading one of them I came across an article with a heading “The Four Best Poultry Breeds to Keep”. Poultry Trends. It’s a funny old thing how trends change, even in the poultry world. These four breeds seem to be having their moment of […]


Ducks in the garden.

Polly, Daisy, Loveheart, Ta Dah and Amelia Cordelia the Indian Runner ducks were shifted into the Kitchen Garden while the Quince Orchard was being pruned. It’s not a big job to shift them. I go to the gate, call Duck Duck Duck, they walk over to me, I open the gate and in they waltz. […]