Lavender Satchets.

The lavender sachets are made from scraps of fabric left over from previous sewing projects, a piece of embroidery cotton (floss) is used to tie up the sachets cut out with pinking shears.

The sachets are made smaller than what you would probably find in the shops, the organic lavender is strong smelling, you don’t need a lot to make an impact. When the lavender is past its prime you can untie the embroidery cotton knot empty the old lavender, wash & dry the sachet bags and refill it with freshly dried lavender.


Linen, cotton or linen/cotton blend fabrics. Look for fabrics that don’t fray easily.

Embroidery cotton to tie off the bag & stop the lavender from spilling.

Pinking Shears. (Pinking shears are scissors with serrated blades used to cut a zig zag edge in fabric to prevent fraying.)

Cotton thread to match your fabrics.

Scissors to trim cotton ends.

2 x teaspoons of organic lavender per sachet. I prefer to use dried French lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

How to make the Lavender Sachets.

1.Cut two pieces of fabric with pinking shears measuring 10cm x 7cm’s.

2 With right sides together sew 0.5cm from the edge, hem 3 sides making a small sachet.

3. Turn sachet right side out.

4. Fill with 2 x teaspoons of organic lavender.

5. Use the embroidery floss to close off the open end, tie a knot to stop the lavender from spilling.

*Embroidery cotton. Liliana and I save the ends of embroidery cotton once we have finished a project instead of throwing it out.  With this project the small lengths come in handy and are used to tie off the sachet and stop the lavender from spilling.

*Dried Lavender. I buy dried French lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) in 50g bags from an apothecary to use in these satchets. Like when using/handling any type of herb be cautious, avoid touching your eyes or face, wash your hands to avoid contact. Lavender can trigger an allergic reaction for some people, be mindful of this when introducing it to the little people in your life or when you are gifting the lavender sachets.

A little crafty project, it’s the details and care that make a house a home. Like opening a cupboard or drawer, the smell of lavender. Wonderful.

Until next time,

Jude x

Some lovely feedback this week for my shop.

Beautiful quality. Highly recommend 👌

Absolutely stunning quality and the most divine images x

Kate, Tasmania, a returning customer.





How to make Lavender Sachets.

June 27, 2023



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