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Journal: 20 February 2024.

Hello, I’m looking forward to being more present on social media, both on Instagram and this Blog Journal. To reactivate Instagram I’ve got a collection of posts and a giveaway for you. So please check in here and on Instagram @fairywrencottage if I don’t appear in your Instagram feed. My monthly newsletter called Fairy Wren […]


January 2024. Newsletter.

Hello, it’s Monday morning 5:02am as I start to write this. I can hear the wind in the trees and the day slowly starting to wake up. Roosters in the distance, the rustle of leaves on the ground as pademelon’s move around the garden. Plovers make their distinct call. I’ve learnt to see the start […]


And so I return to what anchors us.

What a week! You know those weeks when a series of unexpected events happens that kind of hit you for a six. One of those kind of weeks.  Because life doesn’t stop still and let you catch a breath does it. There are still work commitments, we have to eat, animals in our care that […]


Darlings, Sweetpeas are toxic.

Darlings, SWEET PEAS are toxic, so are other flowers. Double, triple, quadruple check what flowers you decorate your cakes with. Even if you buy packaged “edible”flowers, check.  And don’t be fooled by a name, easy done. It is Sweet Pea season, they are one of my favourite flowers, do you love them too? (My sweet […]


What holds us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what holds us like a safety net when life throws a curve ball or we are in a transition time in our lives. For me it is the strong day to day foundations that anchor us, the everyday things, a comfortable tidy home, well organised, some meal prep, things […]


How to make Lavender Sachets.

Lavender Satchets. The lavender sachets are made from scraps of fabric left over from previous sewing projects, a piece of embroidery cotton (floss) is used to tie up the sachets cut out with pinking shears. The sachets are made smaller than what you would probably find in the shops, the organic lavender is strong smelling, you don’t […]


Names and sources of fabrics used.

Hello there! Thank you for the positive feedback and questions after I posted this photo. I made the cushions myself and have listed the fabric for you below. Left to Right. First little pillow. Fabric on the front. Cath Kidston. Hampstead Rose Blue. Fabric on the back. Green linen offcut. Left over material from a […]


Q & A: When is the best time to buy fruit trees, roses and berries.

Keep a look out for bare rooted fruit trees, berries and roses sold barerooted, usually in bags full of some type of sawdust medium. Late Autumn through to mid Winter are when they are in the nurseries or on mail order and at their prime to be taken home and planted. Late Winter is when […]


Q & A : What are your favourite things to grow.

Potatoes I love growing potatoes, especially Dutch Creams and Nicola’s. It’s the whole planting process through to Bandicooting them when the first potatoes are ready and the final harvest. I also love growing fruit trees and berries. There is something so honest about walking through our small fruit tree orchards or along our Food Hedges […]