Keep a look out for bare rooted fruit trees, berries and roses sold barerooted, usually in bags full of some type of sawdust medium. Late Autumn through to mid Winter are when they are in the nurseries or on mail order and at their prime to be taken home and planted.

Late Winter is when all the left over stock starts going on sale, popular varieties are sold out and depending on how well the nurseries have cared for them, you could get a bargain or buy something unsuspecting that it is well past its prime.

It’s so exciting to be adding to the garden.

I’m definetly the type of girl who prefers buying fruit trees than shoes or jewellery!

This year I am only buying one apple tree to add to the collection. A dwarf Early McIntosh.

What about you?

Happy gardening,

Jude x

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Q & A: When is the best time to buy fruit trees, roses and berries.

May 12, 2023



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