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Homeschooling Posts update.

    The Homeschooling category is where you can find all of the homeschooling posts I have shared throughout our homeschooling years and at some stage my homeschooling blog posts maybe incorporated into a Homeschooling book. After homeschooling for 13 years and Liliana finishing year 12 plus a University qualification at the same time, well […]


Homeschooling #8 Registration

I was just reading the statistics for families registering to homeschool, on one website the estimate was approximately 30% of families don’t register; that is high. I understand the hesitation for not wanting to register, I really do. I contemplated not registering our family, but the positives outweighed the negatives. Hindsight is a marvellous thing, […]


Rate Your Routines.

Good. Better. Best. Rate your routines. Are your routines working for you? For me a routine is: that lead up time to meal time or a situation that occurs regularly, eg. going to school or work. If the energy during the routine is feeling clunky and stressful, the outcome not matching the energy going into […]


Homeschooling: Mentoring Sessions.

Edit: I have closed the appointment book for now. Much Love, Jude x   When I started homeschooling our daughter Liliana, I really really wished that I had someone to ask all my questions, someone who I could trust who had the answers. If that is how you are feeling at the moment, then this […]


Homeschooling #7 Boundaries.

I’ve been reflecting on our home schooling years since this is our last. I have been a home schooling mama for 13 years, my longest job ever. It will take a bit of adjusting and unwinding, not always planning ahead and on the look out for new learning opportunities or thinking about how to extend […]


Homeschooling #6 TED talk

Like anything in life there are different ways to approach something and educating our children is no different. For a family at the beginning of their homeschooling journey it can seem a bit overwhelming and daunting as to know where to start. For us it started with me researching extensively, that’s ok, it was a […]


Homeschooling #5 Learning

There are four previous posts I have shared about our Homeschooling journey, you can read them in the Homeschooling section. This is our last year of homeschooling our daughter Liliana, from the 2nd day of Prep through her high school years to year 12 (now) plus she is in the 2nd year of her University […]


Bird Watching.

When we first shifted to Fairy Wren Cottage there were four types of birds that visited the garden… because over the last 11 years we have created and are continuing to maintain a bird friendly and wildlife friendly garden, we now have over 60 birds visiting or living in our garden. The increase in bird […]


Preserving at harvest time.

It is that time of year we all look forward to, harvesting or buying Summer and Autumn produce. And it is also the time when new work and school commitments set in, establishing new routines for the week. What to do when you see the zucchini’s growing by the minute, the herbs need harvesting and […]