A moment in the day.
The view from the washing line. My Dutch barn door made by my Dutch husband, painted in Duck Egg Blue.

Door made using reclaimed building materials and glazing. Of course there is a story to it. We had sold some second hand glazed French Doors on Gumtree, pointing out the reasons why they were being sold to the buyer and he laughed it off as an easy fix, then we got the call that he wanted to returned the doors with the complaint that they weren’t fixable and he couldn’t even use the materials to make another door. So we refunded the full amount and Michael made this door from them. It always makes me smile.

Would you like to join me?
I’m hoping to be posting a photo each day in May. A moment captured during the day, calming, peaceful, that captureds my heart.
A moment in the day, uplifting, something positive, as we move into the colder months in the Southern Hemisphere and our Northern Hemisphere friends as Springtime unfolds.

7 May 2023. A moment in the day.

May 7, 2023



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