Hello, it’s Monday morning 5:02am as I start to write this. I can hear the wind in the trees and the day slowly starting to wake up. Roosters in the distance, the rustle of leaves on the ground as pademelon’s move around the garden. Plovers make their distinct call.

I’ve learnt to see the start of the week as something to look forward to, a week ahead full of possibilities. To start gently, move mindfully. Starting “busy” doesn’t come naturally to me and I’ve given up trying. I’m productive, I work hard, but at my open pace.

I’ve been thinking about the garden, the subtle changes from Summer to Autumn. Planning, seed planting, so much needs pruning back to allow for a lovely flush of growth before the first frosts. What to focus on next. I have the opportunity to change the position of some garden beds, these plans wouldn’t come to fruition until the Wintertime but gosh it could be worth the wait. You know when something is working well enough but it could be better. That.

On Saturday evening I sent out the Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard for January 2024. It will be the longest newsletter I probably ever send. It felt good to share everything. Let me know what you think.

Some lovely feedback:

“Beautiful (and generous) words of wisdom xxx” Kate, Tasmania.

Do subscribe if you don’t already, everyone is welcome.

I’ll wish you a wonderful week.

Much Love,

Jude x


January 2024. Newsletter.

January 28, 2024



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