Well, I totally didn’t mean to be away for this long.

Here’s a little snap of Autumn so far.

Our first frost.

Racing to finish painting the cottage and installing some new weatherboards – that job is long overdue.

Some inside painting and installing dado boards.



Starting the woodheater for the first time.

Remembering to put Bluebell’s jacket on, she isn’t very good at regulating her own body temp and gets cold very quickly.

A trip to the garden centre for some early flowering bulbs, so cheery inside.

Clearing out parts of the garden that have become overgrown.

Earlier in the week there was a message from Instagram about removing a Reel I posted in March about making your own herbal tea and the threat of closing my Instagram account. I’m wondering if someone reported it unfairly since it was so long ago. There were no recipes, nothing illegal, nothing sinister, no grand promises and I had a disclaimer that I am not a professional herbalist, to always seek professional guidance and correctly id plants before using them.

My Instagram account @fairywrencottage is such a huge body of work  (2,200 plus Instagram posts. 1000’s of Instagram highlight, 100’s of Reels) that I have poured my heart into, it has been so distressing and a huge worry.

The silver lining has been so many people reaching out to me, the love and support. There are million of other things people could be doing with their time and to take the time to write me a message is not lost on me. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep going, does it even make a difference? Does anybody actually read it or are interested? But actually those doubts have been put to rest after reading each message, the impact, sharing the beauty does count, it does matter and it is lovely that you are here, that you treasure the gentleness too. I keep checking to make sure I have replied to each message, if I haven’t it isn’t deliberate and a heartfelt thank you now.

Petal the Pekin now joins me on the bench in the Henhouse garden. The lovely thing about it getting dark earlier is the cool of the evening settling in at dusk, that wonderful crisp Autumn Tassie air. Cool air on my cheeks, photographing flowers, escorting Honeybee into bed. I can’t tell you how much I love these moments, doing these things feels like home. Baking and warming the cottage at the same time, these are Wholemeal Pumpkin Rolls.

Much Love,

Jude x

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Journal: 3 May 2024.

May 3, 2024



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