I’m looking forward to being more present on social media, both on Instagram and this Blog Journal.

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My monthly newsletter called Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards will continue each month for 2024. I love creating each newsletter and have some different ideas for how each one will look this year and what I will write about.

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You may have noticed that I had joined Substack last year and was planning to post regularly on there. But due to Substack’s policies that I have become aware of, well, they sit very uncomfortably with me. For that reason I’ll only be blogging here.

I know I’ve already said it but my social media is a safe inclusive space where kindness is currency and I guard, honour and commit to holding space for these values.

~ Now for some February photo updates ~

Rosa Rugosa is one of three Brahma sisters who has come to live with us at Fairy Wren Cottage.

The Ornamental Quince produces this fruit every year. (Not sure if it is edible or not).

This year, these fruits have appeared on some of the Ornamental Quince trees. It has never happened before. I’ve included these two photos for my friend Ray, we had a lengthy discussion about the fruit. We’ll be leaving the fruit for the birds.

*Please don’t take for granted that any fruit is edible. Always check with a reliable guide book or website before eating anything if you are unsure, if it is new to you or if you don’t know how to process it.

Liliana has been drying herbs in small batches. This soon adds up and saves us so much money. If you would like to learn more about our herbal tea making please let me know and I’ll share more.

Hope your day is going well. It is hot and humid here. The dogs are in front of the fan, the sprinkler is on and Liliana is processing some of our apple harvest.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

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Journal: 20 February 2024.

February 20, 2024



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