I’ve been thinking a lot about what holds us like a safety net when life throws a curve ball or we are in a transition time in our lives. For me it is the strong day to day foundations that anchor us, the everyday things, a comfortable tidy home, well organised, some meal prep, things we can do today  for ourselves that will help us in the future. Even if it is making the bed each morning, clean linen, a comfortable pillow. Hopping into a lovely made bed at the end of the day is bliss.

Maybe it is even the smallest amount put into savings, mending something, making preserves or jams, planting something, flowers for the soul, food for our bodies. Reading something that may help us live more easily. Maintaining and caring for what we do have.

When I was younger I used to think that routines were boring or predictable. Now I realise routines can be anything I want them to be that will hold me safely, infact they are freeing. With the day to day in place comes a sense of gratitude, contentment. And I can change routines when I feel they no longer serve me or my family. The routines in place give me space to focus on other things. Create, enjoy, breathe.

I’ll send you love and wish you a week full of gorgeous moments.

Until next time,

Jude x

What holds us.

July 10, 2023



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