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Pear Harvest.

If you leave your pears to ripen on the tree, the birds, possums and wasps with get them before you. Remember that it is wasp season at the moment. They love to eat the inside part of the fruit that you might not be able to see when you are picking the actual fruit. Before […]


Growing Golden Nugget Pumpkins

~ Golden Nugget Pumpkins ~ We love growing Golden Nugget pumpkins because they are quick to mature and shorten the hungry gap.  Thankfully Golden Nuggets are a big win in this department and we aren’t waiting for the larger pumpkin varieties to mature. The Golden Nuggets are a staple in our cooler climate garden where […]


Preserve the Harvest page by page.

Happy Preserving! I hope by sharing this ebook page by page it will inspire you to get out your big saucepan and preserve something. It’s such a good life skill to have, saves you money, and you have food made with love waiting for you during the colder months. I’ll be sharing this ebook page […]


Zucchini Recipes.

I’m sharing two of my favourite zucchini recipes today. Zucchini Relish and Zucchini Pickles. If you are fairly new to preserving or getting back into it, remember to plan ahead and have enough jars (either bought or recycled) and check the lids are clean and reusable. It’s easy to forget things from year to year. […]


The Store Cupboard #2

  This is the second instalment of my Store Cupboard series, my first instalment I shared in yesterday’s post. Creating a Store Cupboard isn’t a once done, leave it and walk away kind of thing. It evolves. I replied to a comment left on my Instagram post in relation to The Store Cupboard #1 blog […]


The Store Cupboard #1

Stockpiling – the accumulation of groceries and house hold supplies – has become a dirty word since it is now associated with the pandemic and those crazy photos of adults behaving badly in the toilet paper aisle! Our grand parents and great grand parents and all the generations before them saw stockpiling or keeping a […]


Berry Biscuits.

Fairy Wren Cottage Berry Biscuits. (This recipe makes approximately 16 biscuits) The biscuits are plant based and I have made them with plain white flour and also with wholemeal spelt flour, using either flour works well and in the tradition of homesteading use what you already have. I’ve used frozen pieces of strawberry, young berries […]



  There is soup bubbling on the stove for weekend lunches, a pumpkin and chickpea curry ready for tonights dinner and the cottage has had a good freshen up. The front windows are now so sparkly and the sweetpea seedlings even got planted out this afternoon in-between filling up the bird baths and tucking the […]


Quinces Ebook

If you already subscribe to Fairy Wren Cottage the Quinces ebook has been sent to your email address. It’s the 2nd edition of this ebook and I just felt that I wanted to go back and rewrite it, share some more recent photos, things we have learnt along the way and give it a fresh […]