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Friday 23rd September 2022.

You know when you have one of those weeks where it feels like you have been chasing your tail?

This week has felt like that for me!

But after looking back, I soon realise that this is one of those weeks where I will see the results of everything I have accomplished in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

So, what are some of the things that I have been up to?

Planting seeds: 

Capsicum, lettuce, coriander, borage, spring onions, golden nugget pumpkins, amish tomatoes, green zebra tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, beetroot, walking stick cabbage, yellow scallop squash, black zucchini and cocozelle zucchini. A handful of each to help stagger out the harvesting season. I’ll plant more at the end of next week.

Organisation has paid off, making things easier – the seeds are in order of when to be planted, labels are already written out and Michael or Lil fill up the pots for me outside if I’m not able to. Those full pots are then taken inside to the front veranda which acts as a great little green house for us and once the full pots are inside I can plant the seeds straight into them without any mess.

I’ve planted the seeds for our friend in recycled orange pots & our seeds in black recycled pots to avoid mix ups.

I also planted a tray of seeds up for our dear friend, a mix of summer salad greens and veg. We’ll raise the seeds, then when the weather is warm enough and the seedlings sturdy enough, they’ll go straight into our friends raised garden beds.

Taking precious care of myself and my family:

Going to bed on time and getting a good night sleep.

Asking Michael and Lil “How can I help you?”

Talking gently to myself. Going softly.

Lil and I have been preparing the meals together and made sure we had healthy snacks, home cooked breakfast and Michael had lovely lunches to look forward to at work. Of course there was a sweetie treat for cups of tea. Have I shared our Bliss Ball recipe with you?

We stocked up on pantry staples — we love online/home delivery grocery shopping.

Made sure I drank enough water and herbal tea.


I made a dress!

Fairy Wren Cottage website update:

Lil has been amazing with helping me. I seriously have no idea and would be lost without her guidance. While the updates are happening I am creating new blog posts. Instead of the old name Blog Articles it will be called Blog Journal.

After paid work in the afternoon:

Michael and I made a good start on pruning the rest of the Quince Orchard. Only the sloe and damson trees are left in the Food Hedge to prune and we’ll aim to finish that this weekend. That should really read:  Michael did all the hard graft, my job was letting him know what needed to be done, kept him company, opened and shut the gate, and looked after Bluebell and the ducks. That hour or so after work and before the evening meal is so productive and really helps us move forward.

Making food garden plans:

Lil did an inventory of the store cupboard and made some great suggestions for preserves and herbal teas this growing season, what recipes to use and plan for the quantities of fruit, veg and herbs we need to grow. I had a little smile to myself when she came up with these suggestions of her own accord. Learning life skills like these were a big part of her homeschooling. My job is done.

On Thursday night as I stood in the Quince Orchard on gate duty and watched the sunset, I looked over to the cottage, the lights were on and I could see Lil making self-saucing pudding in the kitchen. Looking around more, taking everything in, what we have planted and created, our loving family life. None of it is taken for granted. Feelings of contentment and gratitude, dreams come true.

And so, I invite you this weekend to sit quietly and dream. What do your feelings of contentment and gratitude look like? How could your garden help you and how could you help your garden?

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,

Jude x


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