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I came across a question I was asked when I did a Q & A on Instagram awhile back.


How do you keep yourself motivated?


I take great pleasure in proving the doubters wrong!

My injury is very limiting.

When I can do things it is all action stations.

And having periods of time not being able to do things – I think a lot about problem solving and how I can make things more independent for me.

I am a farmer and homesteader at heart, it is part of the fabric of my soul.

No matter what I am up to, what obstacles feel like they are in my way at the moment, I remind myself to breathe and remember to focus on what I can do, things will fall into place, piece by piece.

Some days it isn’t easy and that’s when I make it non negotiable, I have to be gentle on myself.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

Ps. @thestevensonhouse Thank you darling for the question a long time ago, it was a good to see it again.


What keeps me motivated.

June 17, 2022



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