I came across a question I was asked when I did a Q & A on Instagram awhile back.


How do you keep yourself motivated?


I take great pleasure in proving the doubters wrong!

My injury is very limiting.

When I can do things it is all action stations.

And having periods of time not being able to do things – I think a lot about problem solving and how I can make things more independent for me.

I am a farmer and homesteader at heart, it is part of the fabric of my soul.

No matter what I am up to, what obstacles feel like they are in my way at the moment, I remind myself to breathe and remember to focus on what I can do, things will fall into place, piece by piece.

Some days it isn’t easy and that’s when I make it non negotiable, I have to be gentle on myself.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

Ps. @thestevensonhouse Thank you Felicitas for the question, it was a long time ago and good to see it again. Felicitas and her family own the former home of Robert Louis Stevenon. They now offer accomodation at The  Stevenson House in Edinburugh and run site seeing tours around Edinburugh as well. It sounds marvellous!


What keeps me motivated.

June 17, 2022



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