~ 12 September 2019 ~

I was up in the Back Orchard tonight, just having a general look around.

Looking for wind damage after last nights storm and gale force winds.

Checking on the health of the five hens who call it home and as well as enjoying the hens company I couldn’t help but marvel at the early Spring Blossom.

Fullers Quince, Anzac Peach and Moorpark Apricot are starting to blossom following on from the Goldmine Nectarine. Lots of well formed flowers.  The season looks promising.

Bumble the Silkie let us know last week that he was actually a he!

Those strong legs had me questioning every hen like characteristic he had been displaying ever since he was a little chick. I am happy to report that he is settling in well to his new home on the Eastern Shore and has a new name. Thanks to sweet 3 year old Frankie, Bumble is now called Mr Crumples!

It was tempting when I was offered fertile eggs from several different chicken breeds to hatch in our incubator. It is always tempting, who am I kidding! The garden feels a bit empty in the Springtime if there aren’t any chicks. Us fussing about them, watching as they learn and potter about on the grass. But I must be sensible when considering adding new birds to the flock, not to over stock and remind myself of the ratio of roosters hatching compared to hens, it’s always hard to rehome roosters.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

Garden Journal. 12. 9. 2019.

July 7, 2023



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