Just to remind everyone that Fairy Wren Cottage, where we live, is not an Air bnb, holiday cottage or open garden. I am aware that there are some other cottages that offer those services who are also called Fairy Wren Cottage. We don’t have any communication or affiliation with them. Although we do like their name!

* Our Fairy Wren Cottage is in the Huon Valley, Tasmania.

I seem to be getting an increase in accomodation requests, people wanting to confirm a booking and people wanting to make adjustments to their bookings. I don’t want to open the emails incase they are spam, some look a bit too dodgy for my liking. You know the type of spam where you open an email and the spam link automatically links you to somewhere seedy. That kind of spam. I hope you understand this decision.

Visiting Fairy Wren Cottage while you are on summer holidays.

I’ve had some lovely messages from people wanting to come and visit the cottage and garden here at Fairy Wren Cottage, especially to meet the ducks and Honeybee. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to welcome visitors.

And the last bit of house keeping for today, there have been some enquiries for female ducks, and fertile duck and fertile quail eggs. Our Indian Runner ducks lay very few eggs and they aren’t fertile. We don’t have any female ducks for sale. We are registered with the council to sell quail eggs, have the necessary stamp to stamp each egg with, but don’t have any quail eggs available at the moment. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Bye for now,

Jude x




Fairy Wren Cottage is our family home.

December 20, 2023



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