Question: What would you say is the most important consideration when designing a chook/henhouse?


1. So many design considerations compliment each other and if one isn’t right it effects the outcome poorly.

2 .Airflow and ventilation is at the top of my list.

Followed by orientation. Where you site your henhouse. eg. In the Southern Hemisphere facing the henhouse north with a window on the east side for morning sunshine always works well.

3. Don’t overstock.

It would be very easy and sometimes very tempting to have a much larger flock but you must plan for when conditions are at there worst not the best.


4. Do the chickens have enough indoors space if they have to stay in all day due to predators, it rains for a week or snows, what about when there is a heat wave. What care plans do you have in place?

5. When there is a bushfire, flood or you have to evacuate for what ever reason, a small flock you can possibly take with you. What about a larger flock?  I know they are awful and very uncomfortable things to think about but, that is the reality of caring for an animal, you must have systems in place that give the best welfare for the animal at all times. eg. hutches to comfortably carry birds in.

6. Can you afford the feed bills long term, gosh haven’t feed prices gone up. Add up the costs for the year, you will be suprised.

I know this isn’t the bunting in the henhouse, fairy lights above the nesting boxes kind of post but first and foremost animal husbandry is all about the practical side of things and consideration for the animals welfare at all times.

Keeping hens is a lovely hobby.

Hope you are enjoying this Q & A series. It has been great putting together smaller posts for you.

Until next time,

Jude x

Q & A. Six tips to consider when designing a Henhouse.

May 12, 2023

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