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When I started homeschooling our daughter Liliana, I really really wished that I had someone to ask all my questions, someone who I could trust who had the answers. If that is how you are feeling at the moment, then this mentoring session is for you.

This mentoring session is also for you if –

You are already homeschooling and wondering what’s next…

You are wanting to connect with someone who understands homeschooling, is supportive, has a positive outlook and can help you dispel some of those doubts you may be having.

You are looking for someone to sound out your ideas on and give a fresh perspective, extend learning experiences and give suggestions. Offer support.

Some background about me:

With 13 years experience homeschooling, I share generously.

Last week, our daughter Liliana received her Year 12 homeschooling certificate plus got notification from the University of Tasmania that she had completed her Diploma of Family History. She is now a qualified Family Historian, her chosen profession, helping families link their past to the present. Not only that, we have been working with Liliana to establish her own business.


The mentoring sessions that I offer are about holding space for you and your family. No question is a wrong question. This is an inclusive, safe space. It can be one session only, you might like to book a monthly session or check back in with me from time to time. It’s flexible.

I’m not here to do the hard sell on homeschooling, I believe that every family is different and there are different circumstances to consider. There are great teachers and great school environments that would benefit a child more than homeschooling, there are great homeschooling possibilities that can benefit a child more than going to a bricks and mortar school. Homeschooling for our family and our circumstances was the right fit. I am so grateful that homeschooling is part of our family story.

Only you can decide if homeschooling is the right choice for your family. I can help by answering any questions you have, guide you in the right direction when it comes to establishing your homeschooling day, offer age and stage appropriate suggestions. Share our experiences as a homeschooling family.


What is included in the hour mentoring session?

It is one hour with me on the phone, I’m an old fashioned girl who can talk the leg off a chair.  FaceTime is too distracting and our internet is finicky, I don’t want to book a zoom or Skype call with you, be worried about it dropping in and out and then waste your time if we loose connection. I’ll call you.

I’ll take some notes before our session, any questions or background information from you will help enrich the experience and initially guide us. If you have a blog, facebook or instagram account where you document your homeschooling days I’ll spend time reading it and be able to give suggestions on extending experiences, share what has worked for us.

If you are new to homeschooling, could you send through some of the questions that you would like to cover at first. Add the age of your children. Your questions will be a great starting point for our call.

After our call, I will send you through the notes, recommendations and anything else we have talked about. eg. the name of a book, pattern, website, museum. We’ll talk about a lot of things, it’s good to have these things written down.


Please be in contact via the Contact form (the Contact tab is at the top of the screen). My email address is fairywrencottage@gmail.com or you could direct message me on my Instagram page @fairywrencottage

I’m excited to do these mentoring sessions and excited to help you on your homeschooling journey.

Much Love, Jude x




Homeschooling: Mentoring Sessions.

January 18, 2022



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