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 Fairy Wren Cottage Hand Warmers

Fairy Wren Cottage Hand Warmers. These hand warmers are great during the colder months when my hands get freezing cold but I find it too hot wearing gloves and  mittens  that can also be cumbersome and restricting. Sometimes I only make one for my injured hand since it gets colder more often when I am outside […]


Summer 2022.

From my journal: 28 February 2022. Would you like a glimpse into my walk around the garden this morning? Waking up to misty rain was a lovely change. It has been so so dry here, such a contrast to other parts of Australia that are experiencing flooding and day after day of rain. My thoughts […]



We aren’t perfect and are always trying to find an organic alternative. In the home and garden we may already use something or need somthing new. If something isn’t already organic we try and swap it for an organic option then choose something else. It all adds up. Start small. Think big picture. In the […]


Broad Bean Tips Hummus

~ Broad Bean Tips Hummus ~ A colander of broad bean tips. Some sprigs of fennel, use the soft new fronds. Some lemon juice. 3 tablespoons of tahini. 420g can of organic cannellini beans, drain and rinse the beans in cold water 2 large cloves garlic, crushed 1/4 cup olive oil sprinkle of salt Blitz […]


Autumn in the garden.

From my journal. It is early Autumn at Fairy Wren Cottage. 21 March 2021. Would you like to take a walk around the garden with me? There are tadpoles in the bird baths that are on the ground nestled in amongst the foliage and it is wonderful to see so many little frogs sunning themselves […]


14 December 2021. Pottering.

From my journal. 14th December 2021. ~ Pottering ~ Pottering may just be my word for the summer months. I’m looking forward to tending the garden, moving forward with some garden plans and maintaining what is already growing. I let go of the ‘grow everything goal’ a very very long time ago, it was such […]


What do I want?

With everything going on in the world I return to the same questions. Is what I am doing and sharing on social media even relevant? Is it necessary? Is it important? And the big one – What do I want? My answer for this is simple, for everyone to be cosy, content and safe, in […]


Acknowledgement of Country.


Ducks in the garden.

Polly, Daisy, Loveheart, Ta Dah and Amelia Cordelia the Indian Runner ducks were shifted into the Kitchen Garden while the Quince Orchard was being pruned. It’s not a big job to shift them. I go to the gate, call Duck Duck Duck, they walk over to me, I open the gate and in they waltz. […]