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My Shop is Opening Soon.

My shop opening is slowly coming together, I want to get things right, there is a lot to consider. Creating beautiful quality prints, making sure the buying process is a lovely experience and when you have the print displayed in your home or you gift it to someone, there is a sense of love and […]


Autumn Whispers.

I have been noticing the slightest, earliest shifts, as summer continues on but signs of Autumn start to gently flow through. It’s the way the flushes of growth have slowed down. Like the plant growth has plateaud and the plants are savoury these moments, the warmth of the sun. Does that make sense? Herbs are […]


Jostaberries vs Flowers.

Are you in the Jostaberry like camp or the Jostaberry dislike camp? We are all definetly tending towards the dislike camp but do like to taste some once a year, where as the birds in our garden are definetly in the like camp! Sorry birds, with the garden renovation the two huge jostaberry bushes in […]


The case of the missing string. Part II.

Well, they are at it again and we really do need to up our game. The birds have been busy untying our double knots and 2 metre long lengths of string. That photo should look like three tee pees supporting Autumn Raspberry canes in a garden bed . We’ll take this opportunity to replace any […]


Observe. Evaluate. Change when necessary.

  Oh gosh this growing season is throwing some curve balls, how is it at your place? The pumpkins, zucchinis and cucumbers are slow slow slow. They just aren’t growing, usually we would have a freezer full of Golden Nugget Pumpkins by now, instead we have one flower on one plant! After I finish writing […]


Older Hens.

Darling Plum and Viola joined me late yesterday afternoon on the garden bench. The rest of the flock at my feet, napping. They are the elders in the flock now, which seems quite surreal. It wasn’t long ago that they were the youngest being cared for by the older hens. Taught how to forage, free […]


Imagination. Peace. Reverie.

I sometimes get asked why there aren’t any photos of me on my Instagram grid or in my posts. It is because I want you to see yourself in the photos I create. You know when you get lost in a book and you feel that sense of lightness, like you are walking amongst the […]


In the Garden.

Hello! It is lovely that you are here. I sat in the garden this afternoon. Quietly. Watching. Listening. It is one of my favourite things to do. Bluebell raced around tossing a fallen apple into the air and catching it. Then she sat in front of me ever so focused, like a sailor on a […]


Hen House changes.

We are caring for a smaller flock of hens now, nine in total. There are a few factors involved with this decision: 1. We are eating less eggs. 2. We rehomed some of our larger birds and some of our older hens and rooster have passed away, it was a conscious decision not to replace […]