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Fairy Wren Cottage blog is a journal of sorts about seasonal living & stopping to see the beauty in our day.
I believe in the power of paying forward what others have generously shared with me over the years. This is my offering.
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Garlic Harvest 2021 #2

  It’s always a bit disappointing when something doesn’t grow to plan, especially when there is a big investment of time and money and my hand injury makes everything that much more of a challenge. But the garden is a great teacher. See my first blog post called Garlic Harvest 2021 #1 where I share […]


Garlic Harvest 2021 #1

Growing your own fruit and veg… some years you win some and some well, you make lemonade out of lemons. In this case it is harvesting what we can from the garlic, be grateful for what we have, use it well and think about next year and trouble shoot. To give you some context last […]


Berry Biscuits.

Fairy Wren Cottage Berry Biscuits. (This recipe makes approximately 16 biscuits) The biscuits are plant based and I have made them with plain white flour and also with wholemeal spelt flour, using either flour works well and in the tradition of homesteading use what you already have. I’ve used frozen pieces of strawberry, young berries […]


Mentoring Sessions with me.

I did my first mentoring session this week and it was marvellous. It’s a new offering and I am excited moving forward with it. You know when something feels very right and it feels wrong not to do it, that’s the feeling… ~ My first review is in: Jude’s generosity, authenticity and love comes through […]


Portrait Series.

I shared my Portrait Series ebook last weekend with everyone who subscribes to Garden Postcards, my flowery newsletter. It’s free to join in, I don’t send out Garden Postcards weekly and I definitely don’t share your details. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time, there are no obligations just enjoy the offering.  Moments of […]


A rainy afternoon.

Ebb and Bluebell the Spoodles are tucked in under a blanket on the couch, and the heater is on. Raining heavily outside I’m grateful to be inside, there is a vegetable lasagna ready for dinner that I cooked earlier and after I write this blog post I’ll bake something for afternoon tea. It’s definitely cosy […]


Home schooling #7 Boundaries.

I’ve been reflecting on our home schooling years since this is our last. I have been a home schooling mama for 13 years, my longest job ever. It will take a bit of adjusting and unwinding, not always planning ahead and on the look out for new learning opportunities or thinking about how to extend […]


Planning for our cosy cottage.

Right from the very beginning, I knew that I would never want to live anywhere else but the countryside. After our family shifted to the city from the country when I was 16, it took me awhile to return but in my heart the country is and always will be my home. In a frame […]


The Puddle Ducks have a new home.

Mr Pickles, Jam and Chutney have a new home. They have gone to live on a flower farm with a lovely family who I know in my heart will love and care for them as much as we do. It wasn’t an easy decision but I am a firm believer that in life there are […]


In Loving Memory.

I want to take care of your precious heart and let you know that in today’s blog article I talk about the passing of our dear friend, I’ll let you decide if it is something you are up to reading today. I know you visit my little corner of social media because it is a […]