Are you sick of the song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” yet?


People using the caption “Learn how to make the perfect Christmas wreath, table setting or decorate the perfect tree”???

I maybe nearly at my limit with people trying to sell the “perfect Christmas” …. what is perfect anyway?

So to keep things very simple here I’ll point you in the right direction of some Christmas type blog articles I have done in the past in case it is of interest to you. The focus as always is about making from scratch, trying to use what we already have and being resourceful. Greener Alternatives.

The recipe for Gingerbread is HERE

The Dark Chocolate & Ginger Fudge recipe is HERE

The recipe for these Biscuits using berries instead of jam is HERE

The tutorial for these bags is HERE

And a blog article talking about reusable gift bags vs single use wrapping paper is  HERE

When I did an instagram poll recently asking what you would like to read more about with regards to all things here at Fairy Wren Cottage,  a recurring question was what do you do at Christmas?

With the garden to water, animals to tend to and late Spring/early Summer crops coming in we stay close to home. Catch up with friends and family interstate and overseas on the phone, Skype or if local catch up with them on the day in between them going to their own family events. It is lovely. It’s a peaceful time for us, pottering about the cottage and garden. Grateful for what we have been able to create here, being able to spend time here and try not to hook into the advertising culture of thinking we have to have or have to do x, y or z to be happy on the day.

I’ve recently shared my Aunty Jean’s Boiled Fruit Cake recipe in a Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard, that went out to subscribers in the last couple of days. You can subscribe plus have access to all the free ebooks I have created HERE

Thank you for the lovely emails, and messages, both here and over on Instagram, I always have this worry that I have accidentally missed replying to someone. If I have, please know it isn’t personal as I would hate for anyone to feel left out or not acknowledged.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x


Christmas time!

December 17, 2020



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