The Albertine Rose and Potato Vine put on a show this Spring like no other season before, they were stunning.

To celebrate their beauty I’ve chosen a small selection of quotes and daily mantras and created some graphics to  share.

The 1st quote comes from a day when it felt like I was walking through treacle (haven’t we all had those!), and as Miss Lil handed me a cup of tea she said these soothing words:

Talk about an instant shifting of gears, I could do that. Give yourself the grace that you deserve, I thought, letting the words truely sink in. I’m very happy to report that I have been doing this whenever it does feel like the treacle is returning. It has helped wonders. I’m calmer for doing it, and this little saying with big meaning has become a favourite mantra.

I love parenting a teenager, and I love it when my teenager (the student) surpasses the parent (me the teacher). For me, it means that I have been doing my job well and getting our Lil to this point in her life where she has the skills and tools to be able to look at a situation and read it well. These moments feel like markers, that she is heading in the right direction towards growing into the next phase of her life, moving through teenage hood into early adulthood. After all, she will legally be able to drive, drink and vote soon. At this stage she isn’t interest in the first two but did ask the other day, how soon is too soon to be able to enrol to vote.

Stay safe and well, and feel free to borrow this gem of wisdom if you are ever having one of those treacle days.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x



Favourite Mantras & Quotes No.1

January 18, 2021



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