I’m looking forward to sending  Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards (the 1st postcard was sent out last night to everyone who subscribes to the ebooks)  and I’m very grateful for the lovely messages of encouragement for this new series. 

Some details if you didn’t receive a postcard.

What is a Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard? I could call this new offering a Fairy Wren Cottage Newsletter but there will be lots of flowery goodness and a newsletter sounds a bit too formal for that.

There will be flowers, an occasional recipe, craft and making updates, garden notes, ducks, (obviously Honeybee), news about the hens and guinea pigs, goings on in our Quince Orchard & Back Orchard (our small heritage fruit tree orchard), food hedges, harvesting, preserving and wildlife visits. Plus other projects I am working on and will be sharing.

My plan in the future is to send out a Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard  from time to time, it won’t be on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis.

If you don’t already subscribe to get my Ebook offerings you can subscribe here

and receive the Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards and free ebooks.

If you already subscribe you don’t need to do anything. The Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards will automatically be sent to you as well as my Ebook offerings. If that doesn’t sound like something you would be interested in at the moment please feel free to unsubscribe and in the future if you see an eBook I am sharing that you would like to read then subscribe again to have it sent to you.

Sending Light & Love, Jude x

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Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards

November 16, 2020



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