Sweet Pea Wallpaper Giveaway:

Like so many of us I adore sweet peas. Here is my gift to you. Your own set of sweet pea wallpapers.

Little sweet pea seeds planted and grown with love in the garden here at Fairy Wren Cottage, with Honeybee the duck helping me water them each day, photographed with care by me and made to be shared.

Please go for it, they are made to be enjoyed, a little piece of Fairy Wren Cottage flowery magic, use as many as you fancy. For personal use only please, not to be sold or used for personal gain or part of your artwork.

If you could please ❤️ like this post on Instagram @fairywrencottage so I can see how many people are enjoying them or leave me a love heart emoji in the comments sections here. (If there is interest I’ll make more wallpapers in the future.) Feel free to send to anyone who loves sweet peas as much as us!

*Simply choose the photo you like, screenshot it, adjust image in Settings, save and enjoy! I’ve done an Instagram post with the wallpapers if that is easier for you and  I’ve also saved the sweet pea wallpapers in their own Instagram Highlight called Wallpaper.

Sending all the sweet pea love.

Jude x

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Giveaway: Sweet Pea Wallpapers.

February 23, 2024

  1. Your sweetpea wall papers are beautiful! I have not seen them come up on my IG page, I’ll have to have a search. Im sure I follow you but IG only show me a fraction of what the people I follow actually post these days which is tiresome. – Emma xx



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