Each summer I read the same three books by rosarian Susan Irvine. Packed full of gardening information, meticulous notes, a Tasmanian heritage restoration. Photography by Simon Griffiths.

Have you read them? Because I am in the south and Forest Hall is in the northern part of the island I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to one of her open gardens at Forest Hall or to one of her garden talks. I hope her garden hasn’t been lost to the slasher since it has changed ownership, do you know?

I never used to particularly like roses until I fell under their spell thanks to Mrs C and Susan Irvine’s books.

When we lived on the mainland our neighbours Mr & Mrs C gave me my first book, the Rose Gardens of Australia for my birthday. You see, every summer I would spot Mrs C walk through the paddock gate with a huge armful of the softest pink roses, dodge Abby the cow (she was the kind of cow who ate roses), cut across the paddock to the kitchen garden gate and generously hand me the freshly picked bouquet straight out of her garden, of course I fell in love with roses after that! The roses lasted the longest time, the beautiful memories and friendship even longer. Gardens and flowers and roses have a way of doing that.

Much love, Jude x

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March 2, 2024



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