We’re in the middle of a hot couple of days but gosh, other than these hot couple of days it does feel like the gentlest Autumn whispers are starting to thread there ways through our days. Harvests are two to three weeks earlier than usual. The nights are a little cooler, the morning a little damper, there has even been dew on the ground. Golden hour and the light is, well, more golden, that beautiful early Autumn light. Michael heard a currawong last week. They start to come down from the High Country late summer. The currawongs always return for the colder months.


We hope to have five quince varieties available March to April.

(In previous years we have sold our quinces to the Cygnet Cannery, Orlando Plenty who served them on their pancakes at the Farmgate Market on Sundays and to Julia’s Pantry, as well as lots of wonderful Tasmanian cooks).

Our quinces are grown in our organic, bee friendly Quince Orchard.

The quinces are individually hand picked when they are ripe.

If you are curious to know more about our Quinces please click here to go to our QUINCES page.

Quinces – my free ebook is there as well. Created to answer all the questions I usually get about planting our Quince Orchard, growing quinces and maintaining a small orchard, plus there are quince recipes as well. Planting this Quince Orchard has seriously been one of the loveliest things I have done in my life to date. In the Springtime when the trees are in full blossom it is absolutely magical.

To download the ebook (at no cost to you) Click Here.

I’ll post this update now and head back out to the garden to do some early evening watering.

Until next time, take precious care.

Jude x


A Quince and garden update.

February 12, 2024



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