I was out in the garden super early this morning, watering, watering watering.

We’ve been having these awfully windy days here. With so much soft fruit, leafy veg and herbs nearly ready for harvesting  the wind does so much damage to it all. I spray the pumpkin and zucchini leaves to, as well as giving each plant a deep soak. Walking around the kitchen garden even the grass paths get a water, keeping our garden well watered is part of our fire plan.

Thankfully we mulch really heavily, but still after several days of this wind, it is good to do an early water and hopefully nurse everything through until it is harvesting time or the weather changes..

Methodically the garden gets watered and the bird baths refilled. Honeybee stays in the Henhouse, she hates the wind. Refilling her inside bath before I begin, she settles in and watches me from her vantage point. A little vocal but she has had a good sprinkle under the garden hose and extra lettuce. Happy duck.

Garlic chives, perennial spinach and beetroot greens got harvested this morning. I even had to pick a zucchini to put on top of the beetroot greens to stop them blowing away.

Photo above: a special delivery of lettuce leaves and beetroot greens for Honeybee before I went inside, they are her favourites.

It’s time to go back out and start watering again. I love this time and year and this simple gardening task. It is my daily meditation in the summertime.

Happy Gardening.

Jude x


A morning in the garden.

February 1, 2024



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