It’s lovely that you are here.

I know I say it a lot but it is heartfelt and truely meant.

In between waiting for pie filling to cool, potatoes to roast and the dishwasher to finish, I shared some more Iphone Wallpapers on Instagram Stories last night, you may have seen them?

With Instagram limiting everyone’s reach it is hard to know what everyone has seen or not seen. So bare with me if you ever see me double up on something, my hope is to always mix things up a little to add value for you. And of course I appreciate if you scroll through and return again for tomorrows news from Fairy Wren Cottage.

The Iphone Wallpapers are $3 each or $10 for 4.

Liliana and I had fun naming each collection. I’ve added some examples here and there are more Iphone Wallpapers at the Etsy shop HERE

The Iphone Wallpaper is easy to download.

Here is an Etsy Review:

5 Stars

Another beautiful wallpaper from Fairy Wren Cottage. Really easy to download. M ~ Etsy Customer.

Must admit I love being a shopkeeper.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything. If for some reason I haven’t seen your message it isn’t intentional. My aim is to reply on weekdays by the next day at the latest and if you have a question on the weekend to reply Monday at the latest.

My approach is to treat any online customer as if they have walked into my shop and standing opposite me, you aren’t a number and you won’t be intentionally ignored.

For my shop, think big old fashioned double fronted shop with big windows, stainglass above the door and a little bell that sounds when the door opens. There is a big old oak counter with drawers and compartments for wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors and notepads. My prints on the walls in different frames and sizes, postcards displayed and of course lots of flowers everywhere!

It’s a cold old day here today, we watched the fog come up the hill and through the garden. There are little droplets of water on the branches and everything feels quite still outside. The hens are happy to be in the Henhouse and Honeybee wasn’t interest in free ranging today, she has her inside bath and is nestled in her hutch.

Until next time,

Sending light and love,

Jude x

The Fairy Wren Cottage Shopkeeper.


Iphone Wallpapers.

June 8, 2023



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