Hello, how are you?

We had a weekend of tending to the cottage and garden. It feels lovely to be moving forward, getting things done instead of other years when it has felt like we were constantly playing catch up.

You know those wintertime jobs that pull everything back from looking too unloved and slightly abandoned.

With it being so windy, we gravitated to the Back Orchard where it is a little more protected. On windy days Honeybee can be found either in her big bath or asking to go inside, she tucks herself  into her night time hutch. Positioned so she can watch everyone, Honeybee naps in between calling out to us as we walk past.

Cutting back self seeded herbs and flowers around the fruit trees, mulching and pruning. Michael did all the hands on work and I was site supervisor, chief gate opener, and planner. We work very differently now that my hand injury makes it so limiting for me but we have found a good rhythm and nothing is too much for Michael to help me. These gardening days are fun, we talk and laugh, I remind Michael to put his safety glasses on, he reminds me to wait for him, don’t do anything that could re injure my hand or fall. There is a lot of love and care in this marriage of ours. We  celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary this week, I still wake up thinking I’m the luckiest person in the world to be married to Michael.

Lil made salad wraps and bought them out on one big plate with three water bottles, an easy delicious lunch, a wintertime picnic outside in the midday sunshine. We talked about garden plans and I’ve finally come up with a solution to a few things that were literally starting to give me a headache, as in four years of deliberating whether to change something. I’ll share more about that soon.

After sharing so much in my latest May flowery newsletter, Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards, it didn’t feel like I had much to say these past couple of weeks. So in the mean time there have been some Instagram Stories, organising my photo camera roll and creating new prints, working on a new set of Postcards that are printed on Italian cotton card stock, sending out orders from the Fairy Wren Cottage Etsy Shop and working on the Interview Series.

I’ll be sharing the tenth interview in the Interview Series tomorrow and just like all the other interviews I’m excited for you to read it.

Until then, take precious care,

Jude x

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A winter weekend in the garden.

June 19, 2023



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