Good morning,

With the leaves mostly gone from the trees there is a starkness to the garden now but when the Winter sunshine is out everything feels cloaked in its warmth. Does that make sense? The little droplets on the silver birches sparkle, sunshine reflects off the glass window panes. Cloudy silver skies turning powdery blue.

Wintertime can make things feel extra bleak can’t it and I used to hate winter for that very reason. With shifting back to Tasmania I knew that I had to make a concious effort to look for the positives and not only focus on what I felt are the negatives.

And so I do, it is a non negotiable part of my daily practice, mindfulness, what ever you would like to call it. Of course some days are easier than others.

Using a favourite spoon and making special afternoon teas.

Making sure to have dinner sorted before lunchtime and the veg collected before it is dark.

No matter how old your kids are, it is still heartfelt. Making Lil a special scone from the end pieces.

Becoming grateful for all the little things does add up and looking for those things I am grateful for my world opens up. It is like a muscle I need to work on everyday. It’s not sticking my head in the sand (so to speak), it is moving forward in a way that feels more comfortable, focusing on the light as well as the dark.

It was one of the reasons for wanting to do the A Moment In The Day series in May. One of the hopes for the series was that it may prompt or remind you to look for those precious moments that make you smile, catch your eye, your heart rate steadies, your breathing calmer.

Thank you for being here, I truely mean that.

Hope your day is a good one.

Much love, Jude x

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S U B S C R I B E   H E R E



A Winter Morning.

June 2, 2023



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