Herbs growing amongst the zucchini plants. Harvested early in the season.

The more organised you are before the planting season the easier it is.

I know I sound like a stuck record but Focus on what you can do.

Consider when your first and last frost dates are.

How long from seed to harvest. Write these dates in a diary, calender or on your phone. A good reminder for you.

Grow plants together that have similar growing conditions and companion planting.

Get yourself a reliable Growing Guide: eg. when to sow seeds, plant seedlings, sow seeds directly. A lot of seed companies now have a Growing Guide on their website.

If you have a crop that takes months to mature, grow a fast growing crop next to it. eg. lettuce under the bean frame, the lettuce is harvested before the beans have the chance to be up high enough to overshadow the lettuce.

The community made free ebook Food Gardening has lots of great tips.

Here is an example of something I do:

Don’t be afraid to try something, what is the worst that can happen, if it doesn’t work out you can transplant the smaller plants, or harvest earlier than anticipated, baby veg.

Happy Gardening,

Jude x

Click here to download the Food Gardening ebook.

Q & A: Tips for growing as much as possible.

May 12, 2023



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