Question: How did you know what poultry breeds to buy and look after?

I bought this book for our daughter Liliana when she was about 7 years old.

The descriptions helped us decide what breeds suited us best, keeping in mind the size of our henhouse and the areas they have to free range.

Hundred’s of hours have been spent reading this book! Liliana pouring over it, reading it page by page herself and also reading each description to me, it was a great way for her to develop reading and researching skills. Plus learning great life skills of how to be a responsible pet owner.

Our favourite chicken breeds are:

Silkies. Pekins. Orpingtons.

Our favourite duck breeds are:

Indian Runner ducks.

Honeybee, she is a breed of her own! (A cross breed and the only duckling to hatch in the clutch of eggs).


My next post is:

Six tips to consider when designing a henhouse.


Until next time,

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

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Q & A: Poultry Breed book recommendation.

May 12, 2023



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