Well, they are at it again and we really do need to up our game.

The birds have been busy untying our double knots and 2 metre long lengths of string.

That photo should look like three tee pees supporting Autumn Raspberry canes in a garden bed . We’ll take this opportunity to replace any branches that are looking too brittle (this is the 3rd year of them being permanently used) and then use wire to “tie” the long branches together to form tee pees since the string is far too appealing for the birds.

We’ll also look through the wool/cotton yarn stash and gather the odds and ends, placing them outside for the birds to use.

How are the birds enjoying the weather in your garden? With the hot days I’ve been making sure to top up the bird baths and have been adding extra water dishes for the hens.

Happy times in the garden,

Jude x

The case of the missing string. Part II.

January 11, 2023



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