Oh gosh this growing season is throwing some curve balls, how is it at your place?

The pumpkins, zucchinis and cucumbers are slow slow slow. They just aren’t growing, usually we would have a freezer full of Golden Nugget Pumpkins by now, instead we have one flower on one plant! After I finish writing this post I’ll plant up some more pumpkin seeds (from my 5th pumpkin seed order) and throw out the pumpkin seedlings that for the last couple of weeks look like they have been frozen in time and dying a slow death, at least they’ll go into the compost bin. Yes, I am a bit deflated about it all, it feels like I’m pushing it up hill, especially when the function I have in my hand is limited and I’ve put so much time and effort into it all, but I’m not alone and the market gardeners we have spoken to are having the same problem.

I read somewhere that Tassie has had September temperatures up until Christmas time, that makes sense!

And so as with any growing season;

O B S E R V E .   E V A L U A T E .   C H A N G E   W H E N   N E C E S S A R Y.

I’m looking to the future and planning how I can add more


into our growing systems. If Plan A could be putting a huge glass house over our 3/4 of an acre garden, which obviously isn’t an option,  I’ll get creative and come up with a Plan B.

There are lots of great ideas in this free resource.

Hang in there if you are new to gardening and finding things a bit tricky, and hold on if like me you have been gardeing for years and finding things disheartening. I’m choosing to walk out into the garden and focus on what is going well and as I mentioned, look for solutions with things that are challenging.

Happy Gardening,

Jude x

You can find this ebook along with the other free ebooks in the EBOOK tab at the top of the page.


Observe. Evaluate. Change when necessary.

January 10, 2023



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