Are you in the Jostaberry like camp or the Jostaberry dislike camp?

We are all definetly tending towards the dislike camp but do like to taste some once a year, where as the birds in our garden are definetly in the like camp!

Sorry birds, with the garden renovation the two huge jostaberry bushes in the Back Orchard went to the compost.  Never taking those decisions lightly, there were a few factors. Year after year we had a meagre harvest caused by the birds love of getting to them first when the Jostaberries were mostly unripe. The blackberries were growing through the jostaberry bushes and some of the bottom branches close to the bottom of the trunk had snapped leaving damage along the trunk – possum damage.

The jostaberries are gone, potatoes are filling the gap until the raspberries are shifted to the garden bed.

And the best part of all, the raspberry going to the Back Orchard creates more space for flowers.

Pictured: This 250gram, $4.50 colander full of road side stall Jostaberries will fill the yearly urge for them, they’ll be made into a cordial.

I’m off to make some Plum Jam while Lil has volunteered to make a stir fry for dinner.

Take precious care,

Jude x

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Jostaberries vs Flowers.

January 12, 2023



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