I’m getting ready for this seasons harvests to come in. Liliana has already started harvesting some of the herbs.

The fridge, freezer and pantry have had a Spring clean.

This has involved;

Everything removed.

Shelves cleaned with dish clothes washed in hot soapy water.

Jars wiped down.

Used by dates checked.

Everything placed back in order.

Put everything with used by dates that will expire first at the front of the cabinet, fridge or freezer.

Eat what is about to expire, as long as it is safe.

Do an inventory. Restock what is necessary.

Some tips for you:

Don’t skimp on the hot soapy water.

Do a little as often as possible. Fit this into your day. I have been doing this one step at a time over 10 days.

Plan to cook something on the stove that needs supervision. While you have to be in the kitchen work on your Fridge, Pantry, Freezer Spring clean to do list.

Get every member of your household involved in the jobs depending on what is age/stage appropriate. Even if it is writing labels and decanting the contents of packets into jars. Good life skills to learn for everyone.

Lil has been restocking our apothecary cabinet and made some salves using the herbs she harvested.

What’s next for me this week;

Making sure every jar in storage has a lid. Lids in this house are a bit like socks, they often go missing! Come preserving season it is hard to find jars, lids and labels, the shop shelves are empty. I’ll order anything that I need asap.

Do an inventory of the kitchen garden, what needs to be harvested, eaten and preserved this week.

For the food garden, continue with the seed planting, nurturing the seedlings. Very excited about these Baby Blue Pumpkins coming up.

Isn’t Springtime wonderful!

Jude x






Pantry & Freezer Spring Clean.

October 10, 2022



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