Homemaking for me is freeing:

As a woman there is so much stigma around the choices we make and especially homemaking.

Feminism has taken on so many definitions depending on who you talk to.

For me feminism is having choices and I’m grateful for the women who have come before us who have fought for women to have choices, I know there is still a long way to go. I’ll save you and stay off my soap box about that!

One of those choices I make is to invest my time and some of our household budget into homemaking.

What does homemaking look like for us?

A clean and tidy home that is comfortable.

A well stocked pantry, freezer and fridge.

Healthy meals made from scratch.

Everything organised in cupboards to make it easier to find, this makes tasks simpler and doesn’t take up as much of my time.

A food garden that produces as much fruit and veg that is possible for the time we have to invest in it, our skill set, the size of the garden and what we are physically capable of.

Maintaining our cottage and garden.

A full woodshed for next winter.

It allows us to support charities that resonate with us.

A little each day, it becomes a way of life. Save for what is needed the following season. Looking after our future selves.

Why is it freeing?

It gives me as a woman and us as a family the freedom to make the choices we want to make.

Finanically we can save money and don’t have a credit card debt.

We can help our daughter with her University fees.

It gives me and my family a strong foundation. Resilience during times.

I feel safe.

I once had someone visit, the mother of one of Liliana’s friends who made the off hand remark that I was a 50’s housewife chained to the stove, to which I first laughed then thought it was such a sad comment on her behalf to make. It is pointless trying to put someone down, I’m here for women supporting each other in the choices that they choose for themselves! She had totally miss interpreted our life based on the judgement and assumptions she had made. I’m not here to serve or be second place to my husband, we are a team and make decisions together, playing to each others strengths. The big picture goal for Michael and I is to live a peaceful life, as stress free as possible that allows us to focus on the things we find important.

Homemaking provides a strong foundation for that.


I wanted to return to this blog journal entry and add an extra note in case you are new here and not familiar with my writing. I share what works for us, maybe this will resonate with you, maybe it won’t. We are all different and have different circumstances and make different choices for ourselves and our families based on what is right for us at the time, the important thing is not to compare each other or judge each other. The important thing is to support each other.

Homemaking and the life style Michael and I have chosen for our family has saved us from going bankrupt or loosing our home after our family experienced loss, injury and illness. That is why I am so passionate about it and sharing what has worked for us.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x


October 8, 2022

  1. Leanne says:

    Oh I so agree. I have been a stay at home mum/homeschooling. Hubby works hard and brings home the cash. His dinner and inside chores done. It has worked for us really well. I’ve now a little business and I am keeping it small as I don’t want it to change what we have. But saying that when I am busy hubby steps up and does my chores in the evenings if I have notes to type up and prescriptions to order. It’s rather nice.



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