It’s been one of those weeks where I thought that it was Thurday on Tuesday! Good to have a to do list and not rely on remembering everything when it’s like that. Slowly but surely seeds got planted, lists got finished, we ate lovely healthy meals, the hothouse got watered and the animals are all happy.

Bluebell is snuggled beside me, Lil is looking at fabric online and Michael is making homemade pizzas in the kitchen. It will be good to spend some family time together this evening and on the weekend. Michael’s been working on a clients project this week and it feels like I’ve hardly seen him. You might have noticed on my Instagram Stories that Michael’s opened his work diary for new and returning clients. Best to call or text him Monday-Friday between 9am – 5pm or send a direct message to @allhomerenosandmaintenance his Instagram page. He’s had a long term job working for a wonderful client restoring her beautiful old home.

This week Lil harvested lemon balm (on the table drying), rosemary, cleavers, raspberry leaf, comfrey leaves, one calendula flower, plantain and mint.

I planted lots of seeds in trays that are on our front veranda, it becomes our seed starting area at this time of year. So lovely to have a cup of tea while sitting and looking at them all, planning what to pot up or shift to the hothouse when it has grown big enough. If growing your own food interests you or you are looking for some food growing inspiration click here for the community made ebook. Real people sharing real gardening tips that have worked for them.

What seeds did I sow?

Echinacea. Capsicum. Corn. Lettuce. Chervil. Greenfeast Peas. Tomatoes. Yellow Scallop Zucchini. Statice. Cup Cake Cosmos. Yarrow. Cucumelon (again, not a good strike rate). Beetroot. Meadowsweet. Cucumber. Caraway.  A little done each day, it soon adds up when you look back on the week.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

Much love from Fairy Wren Cottage, Jude x

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October 14, 2022



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