We aren’t perfect and are always trying to find an organic alternative.

In the home and garden we may already use something or need somthing new.

If something isn’t already organic we try and swap it for an organic option then choose something else.

It all adds up.

Start small.

Think big picture.

In the garden our ducks and chickens are head of pest management.

We don’t use pesticides and herbicides.

Buying organic can be expensive can’t it?!

We try to grow, make or do what we can.

Some of the organic alternatives we now use.

  1. Making organic food from scratch.
  2. Using home grown organic herbs in salt blends.
  3. Cooking with organic bay leaves from our tree.
  4. Making snacks with organic ingredients.
  5. Using organic flour as much as possible in baking.
  6. Baking bread using organic ingredients. eg. oats, olives, herbs.
  7. Growing organic herbs, greens and grass for our guinea pigs, they don’t eat shop bought food – they wouldn’t eat it.
  8. We grow organic Tasmanian Pepperberry as a substitute for black pepper.
  9. We let flowers self seed, they drop their seed and then grow into beautfiul organic, spray free flowers for posys and use some varieties for tea and decorate cakes.
  10. Growing organic fruit.

With food prices rising I am looking at more penny pinching ways and thinking about how I can be more creative.

If this is something of interest to you, my ebooks are there as a free resource.

Click on the Subscribe tab at the top of the page to download them, or you can view them on Trove, the National Libraries of Australia website. (trove.nla.gov.au)

Until next time,

Jude x


October 1, 2022



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