From my journal.

It is early Autumn at Fairy Wren Cottage. 21 March 2021.

Would you like to take a walk around the garden with me?

There are tadpoles in the bird baths that are on the ground nestled in amongst the foliage and it is wonderful to see so many little frogs sunning themselves on the Sedum Autumn Joy. I increased the amount of Autumn Joy plants last year and looking to double the amount this coming Winter – by dividing the plants that I already have. It really has become a lovely staple in our garden, the soft pink flowers deepening in colour as we move from Autumn in to Winter. The bees love it and thankfully it stands up to the winds we get that can sometimes dry out the garden in an afternoon.

We find ourselves pottering about the garden until dusk as the days are drawing to a close sooner and it won’t be long until daylight savings is finished. The light has been stunning, taking on peachy pink tones, it feels very whimsical. The cool air on my cheeks is a relief after these humid days we always get at this time of year. With humidity comes a dusting of mildew that appears on some leaves. The apple mint is especially succesptible to it this year and the ladybugs are loving it.

The green house and I are building a relationship, it leads and I observe, doing my best to understand these growing conditions. We leave bowls and old teapots filled with water in case the bees and insects need a drink. Dotted about the raised garden beds it is peace of mind in case a Fairy Wren or Silver Eye finds themselves in there and I have accidentally closed the door and not realised their gentle presence.

Bluebell the Spoodle is 10 months old now and has developed a new game. She grabs hold of a long blade of grass with her teeth and plays tug of war with it until it breaks off. She is a lovely gardening companion, very charming and loves a cuddle when sitting on the garden bench next to me. We are through the puppy stage, which wasn’t hard, just reaffirming the boundaries. Bluebell does like to eat an apple straight off the tree.

Until next time.

Sending you Light & Love,

Jude x

Autumn in the garden.

October 1, 2022



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