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14th December 2021.

~ Pottering ~

Pottering may just be my word for the summer months.

I’m looking forward to tending the garden, moving forward with some garden plans and maintaining what is already growing. I let go of the ‘grow everything goal’ a very very long time ago, it was such a relief.

Focusing on what grows well here makes much more sense. I do want to learn some new gardening tips and get better at sowing winter crops on time, I always tend to leave them way too late.

There are also some soil health and sustainability films that are of interest.

One life goal is always to be adding to my gardening knowledge and then applying it here at Fairy Wren Cottage. It helps to continue to move us forward, both for our little family, the animals we care for and the wildlife and birds that call our garden home.

Do you listen to the garden and let it lead you in decision making? The front garden has evolved this way into a place that us humans rarely move through unless filling up the water dishes and bird baths.  At ground level the garden is now predominately used by the Pademelon Mama’s and their joeys. While I sat on the front verandah Sunday afternoon talking on the phone I watched three Pademelon Mama’s come up close to the windows and watch me while they let me see their joey’s. It was one of those moments in time that you can never predict and it was marvellous.

The bird life in the trees and around the bird baths is wonderful and you never know who will visit. Yesterday two baby blackbirds where laying in a sheltered sunny spot between two daisy bushes on the grass. Wings outstretched at first glance they looked dead, no, just sunbathing! Up they hopped after a while and flew off.

Our Spotted Pardalote friend has been joined by another male and female. They still sit in the Greengage tree outside the kitchen window and sing away. Such tiny birds and so loud!

After finishing thirteen years of home schooling with Lil it feels like I can read anything or do anything I want, and then all of a sudden it doesn’t, then I remind myself that yes it is ok to. No curriculum to read, no planning, no more home school education commitments. Both freeing and daunting in equal measure.  I guess I will get used to it, these things take time don’t they. With this part of my brain being so full for so long I’m practicing keeping calm and trusting that my next chapter will unfold as it should. As I read this out to Lil she replied “We did it, we’re finished.”  Something we keep repeating to each other!

While we are closing the garden gate and focusing on our Lil getting better and regaining her strength our little family doesn’t feel cut off. Michael will still be going to work. There are phone calls and messages and keeping in touch with loved ones, social media, projects to look forward to, movies to watch, books to read, some sewing to do, cooking.

For our family this is a season of pottering, tending and caring.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

14 December 2021. Pottering.

September 30, 2022



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