Only weeks away from the calendar marking the first days of summer, I can see the signs already of the warmer months arriving when I look out to the hills and mountains, the grass in the paddocks is past its Spring flush and the warmer weather is noticeable at watering time with the ground drying out quickly in our own garden.

It is that in between time. Young summer crops are still undercover to shelter them from cooler nights but during the day we have lost tender seedlings when forgetting to lift the lids on the cold frames because they have gotten too hot. There is always that elephant in the room when the weather heats up, fire season. We have changed many gardening practices and landcare practices since the Tasmanian Bushfires in 2019, when we know better we do better.

We have had four pademelon Mamas and their joeys in the garden, it has been absolutely delightful to watch them, just big enough to be out of the pouch (think the size of a guinea pig), the joeys practice hopping about and steadying themselves. At the garden centres  you can buy the top half of a bird bath, and we have purchased a terracotta one specifically for the little joeys to drink fresh water from, they just wouldn’t be able to reach the big water dish.

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Wishing you a peaceful week.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x






Late Spring.

November 10, 2020



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