Dear Lovely Reader,

The Albertine Rose & the Potato Vine love each other and to be honest I love them.

It’s a match made for our garden. With our climate and where they are planted they don’t get too carried away growing every which way. A  yearly prune and all is good.

Albertine has a tendency to grow long and leggy thorny branches. Potato Vine grows thick, lush, flowery & is always green.

They grow amongst each other, the Potato Vine hides those harsh looking jagged rose thorns. Nothing pretty about them.

Albertine has such a sweet peachy perfume, the Potato Vine has barely a perfume at all and doesn’t overshadow the rose. Perfect.

From the creamiest softest peach through to pearly pink petals, the tight bright apricot red buds unfurl to blousey blooming roses and it all changes depending on the light, what time of day it is, and the weather. All so beautiful all the time.

Now I understand why mother’s name their daughter’s Albertine.

Sending love from our garden on this rainy, windy day of Summer,

Jude x

~ Albertine Rose & Potato Vine put together while listening to ~

Chocolat original motion soundtrack.


Garden Postcards: Albertine Rose & Potato Vine.

December 6, 2019



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