Dear Lovely Reader,

As the days turn from late Winter to early early Spring there always comes with the promise of Forget Me Nots.

I watch for tiny blue flowers popping through amongst other foliage or along the edge of the wood shed and garden steps.

Taking special care to check where they self seeded last year in the hope they will self seed there again.

Warn everyone to take care of this patch or that little patch of  the tiniest blue flowers and not to flatten those tender plants with cumbersome heavy tools or work boots.

I wait and wait for Forget Me Nots to return, there is something so simple and sweet about them.

Is it because they are one of the truest bluest flowers &  so easily grow here at Fairy Wren Cottage?

I cannot remember this Spring’s Forget Me Nots without thinking of Honeybee, the little duckling we have been caring for.

Not an ideal situation to be hand raising only one duckling, but we all three fell in love with her in an instant and we soon happily adapted to Honeybee’s  duckling routine and she to ours.

Long walks (for a tiny duckling) each day, at least twice a day. Ebb our 12 year old spoodle quickly took the role very seriously as Honeybee’s guardian, accompanying her everywhere, sitting patiently waiting for both of us when need be.

Out the hallway door, stopping to taste test most things within her reach.

The first time Honeybee nibbled at forget me not’s I nearly fell over! Here I was thinking she could do no wrong, and of course she can’t, if she needs to eat forget me not’s then she must.

We continue our walk along the grassy edge of the driveway, pausing to regard the Indian Runner Ducks.

Easily distracted by anything we soon got into the routine that I would walk slowly from the driveway onto the front lawn and around the garden. Always within her eyesight, me stopping to look at the garden beds and rugosa roses. Honeybee catching up as I stood underneath the Ornamental Cherry Blossom, standing with my eyes closed she waited so patiently for me, sometimes falling asleep on my shoe. The long walk wearing her out.

And then after her little duckling nap we would follow the garden path around past the birch trees to finally reach the Forget Me Nots. Now it was my time to wait patiently for her just as she had done for me as I stood under the Japanese Ornamental Cherry Blossom tree.

After a long fossick through the forget me nots, chatting away making the sweetest softest duckling noises it was finally time for her to hop in her big bath.

Just like the garden and the forget me nots, this duckling brings so much joy,

Sending love from afar,

Jude x

~Music listened to while writing this postcard ~

My favourite weather is bird chirping weather.

Written in the early morning just as the dawn chorus was beginning. Bird song….the best kind of music.



Garden Postcards: Forget Me Nots

December 10, 2019



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