Just a heads up to all those interested in history & family trees.

For a year now our Lil has been writing a blog called Family, Folk & History.

The web address is familyfolkandhistory.com link here: familyfolkandhistory.com 

To celebrate its 1st birthday she has added some new resources.

~ There is a great book list for children who love reading about history.

~ There is a great book list and online resource list for adults.

~ Tips to help you with your family tree search.

~ Lots of special interest subjects regarding Scottish traditions, clans & the Jacobite risings.

~ At the moments most information shared on this blog is with regard to Lil’s extensive research of her own family tree, that in time will change.

Lil aims to share a new blog post each week, sometimes this varies depending on her workload. The blog posts are thoughtfully written, researched thoroughly and her aim is to share what she has learnt through her research in the hope that it may help you as well.

Because Lil is only 16yrs old we have blocked all comments on her website, it just makes it easier to prevent spam messaging.

You are welcome to leave a message for the Family, Folk & History blog  on my blog here via my

Contacts page.


Lil & Jude


Family, Folk And History Blog.

November 28, 2019



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